Marine Aluminum Flagpole

  • Commercial Use
  • Please Call for Additional Options like Anodized Finishes and Shoe Bases

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Single Mast Aluminum flagpole with Tapered Yardarm displays flags and pennants from top of center of pole as well as from halyard ropes at the end of each yardarm. Pole comes with a brushed satin finish that remains maintenance free.

Standard Accessories:

  • gold anodized aluminum ball ornament
  • cast aluminum revolving truck with pulley
  • 3 lengths of solid braided polypropylene halyard
  • swivel flag snaps with vinyl snap covers
  • 3 cast aluminum bleats with mounting screws
  • spun aluminum flash collar
  • galvanized steel foundation sleeve


Marine Flagpole with Yardarm

Optional Gaff -  45° Front Mounted

  • brushed satin aluminum
  • end pulley
  • 1 length solid braided polypropylene halyard
  • swivel flag snaps
  • snap covers
  • 9" aluminum cleat with mounting screws
  • all mounting hardware

 Marine Flagpole with Yardarm & Gaff